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A Frightening Abduction of a Girl Occurred in Karachi

By Ujala Madani (Fall 2019)

KARACHI: On Saturday night, Dua mangi, 20 years, A young bright student got kidnapped from Karachi’s commercial area DHA, Its been three days but still there is no trace of her.

She was walking with her friend Haris Soomro, on the Main Street of Bukhari Commercial, phase 6, DHA, when she got abducted by five armed men, and her friend was shot and injured by one of the assailants when he tried to resist.

The news became viral when her sister Laila Mangi posted a status of her missing on face book on which various reactions were seen and soon the investigation for the missing began.

On which Media gave different assumptions on the identity of kidnappers from being her ex fiancé to some close family member. And on the other hand some talk about Dua’s moral standard being a feminist and her attire that she is herself responsible for this incident because of her vulgar dressing which they came to know about from one of her viral Facebook Profile picture.

While Haris is still in hospital – reports say he was shot in the neck – and his condition is not said to be stable.

The police arrived at the site on Sunday morning to gather informations where they find CCTV footage of the incident and further they took the statements of the witnesses which incorporates a rickshaw driver and a security guard. The founding were that the car was distinguished as Honda Civic, and that the ruffians were sufficiently astute to left Dua’s phone at the incident point so that they may not be followed or traced.

As the days pass and the investigation is still on, the case is still running very laggardly, here

Laiba mangi says, she is frustrated by the lack of performance of the police, as it’s been three days but there is no lead for her sister abduction. And no trace of the culprits So she asked the public on social media to support her so that her sister can return back soon.


On that notice a furious protest happened by Dua’s family, friends and companions and activists to stage a sit-in at Clifton Teen Talwar where they chanted against slow progress in the case and stressed on the lax security for women in the country.

because of that protest the road were blocked and traffic was diverted to backup roads.

“Even the CCTV footage was checked a day later. There is an existing bureaucratic lag and we don’t want that,” (says protester Rahul, Mangi’s cousin).

Authorities need to expand their investigation as in today’s world of technology,” said protester, Imran.

It’s been more than 70 hours, how come we have no information about the kidnapping? People have been treating something so serious as if it’s a drama, it’s not! Said another protestor Miraal

The general secretary of the Home Based Women Workers Federation (HBWWF), Zehra Akbar Khan, on the other hand, said

“ We cannot expect anything from our authorities because of the way they are working right now. There is an entire mindset involved and that takes a long time to change”

Whereas the local natives of Karachi says

“ It’s actually threatening for every individual to go out, because you are never sure when you become the prey of an animal ” said Arisha student of Iobm university

How sad! That it’s been three days and still there is no clue, so this delaying is giving these people to rant stupidity on her attire because these so called literate individuals want to add some spice to it” said Maliha student of Iobm university

However on this pressure Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah and IG Dr Syed Kaleem Imam ordered fast-paced investigations into the alleged kidnapping, asking the authorities to use every possible channel and technology to arrest the culprits and recover the girl safely.

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