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Pakistanis are suffering from inflation in basic necessities, which causes it into a poverty-stricken nation

By Ujala Madani (Fall 2019)

The poor class Pakistani’s who earns less then 25000 per month are demanding from this government for a decline in the fundamental costs of the essential necessities and nourishments, specially; wheat, rice, and pulses with the goal that a typical men can serve his appetite appropriately.

In Pakistan the rate of poverty is increasing with every passing year exceptionally in 2019, It’s the highest. Pakistan’s yearly expansion rate expanded to 12.55 percent in September of 2019 from 11.63 percent in the earlier month. It was the most elevated expansion rate since June of 2011. One of the primary reason of poverty is the growing rate of inflation specially for the lower class which are profoundly influenced by it. This inflation has not just influenced their day by day life and made hardships however it has additionally taken a risk with their life. It isn’t only the issue of lower class yet in addition white collar class. School expenses are on tops, land and works are difficult to manage, even the tolls have expanded significantly.

According to the residence of Karachi:

Muhammad Naeem, 63 years, who works as a security guard in the “Institute Of Business Management” from past 5 years states that;

“As contrast with the past government  the inflation rates are its peak, and above all poor people class are experiencing it like a Grinding Machine” ( Muhammad Naeem)

Yet at the same time with the grace of Allah he tells, He is buckling down, and earning an honest income and running his family and demonstrating them with three time nourishment. There are 4 individuals in his family, 2 daughter, his better half and him. He further tells that his little girl are in tenth and twelfth grade, But he does not have a lot of capacity to educate them further, this is the reason that he has tied the knot of one of his little girl who was in twelfth grade, because he is suffering from too much pressure of poverty, and as per him, His girls are getting everything by their very own karma.

“It is hard to run a family on the off chance that you are the main procuring source in this period” (Muhammad Naeem)

He said the cost of the entire grain wheat is extravagant which is fundamentally the primary requirement for our body, so we attempt to adjust them by eating rice or other various things. He additionally tells that a good amount of his compensation goes in his medications, since he is a heart patient and he spends around 1000 rupees or more just on his medicine and afterwards on other costly too. He lives in Ibrahim hyderi in a leased house which cost him 4000 rupees per month.

“ So with every one of these costs I can’t set aside any cash towards the months end for further cost or extravagances” ( Muhammad Naeem)

Rukhsana javed, 40 years, A maid, who works in the “Institute of bussiness management” Has 5 kids, who got divorced and now running her family by herself.

“In this era, For a poor person Like me, who’s income which is hardly 15,000 is really less to run a house all alone” (Rukhsana Javed)

As she works with all the hard work but still lacks to full fill the requirements and the needs of her house.

According to her the prices of the wheat has increased so drastically that it is really tough for her to feed her kids, and aside with that give them a proper education. she said, specially for a poor person, How are they able to live a normal life, educate their child and meet all the essential necessities in this country full of inflation and unfairness.

“ Usually at the end of the month I’m broke, So i lend loans form my relatives and other respected to full fill the desire need. And so that is how i am running my family as a single parent ” ( Rukhsana javed)

Another source Rajni Amshu, 30 years, who works as a maid in the “Institute of Business Management” states that, It’s been 2 years, that she has been working in this university, And holding a family of 6 individuals, 4 kids, her husband and him.

“In this era, It is still very difficult for a poor person to run out a family even when both the partners are running a house together, they sometimes failed to fulfill the basic necessities of their children and house” (Rajni Amshu)

she further tells sometimes she has to back off her kids from the school because she can’t afford their fees and other expensive which was one of the biggest issue for her because she wanted to educate them, she can’t buy new clothes for everyone in her house on the big events like before, because of the increase in the inflation rate from past few years.

“With the passing time,the price increases in my salary doesn’t make any change in my life, because with the passing time the inflation rate also increases” (Rajni Amshu)

She also tells even it’s very hard to serve a three time nourishment for there appetite, because they can’t always afford the desire food. She further tells that she lives in Ibrahim Hyderi on a leased house and it cost her 40 rupees rent of a rickshaw to her work. But sometimes she doesn’t have that 40 penny, to afford a rickshaw, and so she blames the government which causes inflation that has expanded his extents.

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